Olalekan Samuel

The Only Artificial Unintelligence Doctor

Research Interests

My main research interest are in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Data Management & Visualization, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Natural Language processing, Statistical Data Analytics, Mobile Development, E-government, E-Learning, Cyber Security and ICT4D. I'd like to make computers do more with less help from us, learn from experience, adapt effortlessly, and discover new knowledge. We need computers that reduce the information overload by extracting the important patterns from masses of data. This poses many deep and fascinating scientific problems: How can a computer decide autonomously which representation is best for target knowledge? How can it tell genuine regularities from chance occurrences? How can pre-existing knowledge be exploited? How can a computer learn with limited computational resources? How can learned results be made understandable by us?

I'm currently working on the applications of machine learning to solve a variety of problems. Of particular interest are those related to computer security (including mobile technology) and big data

On Machine learning and data mining. Recently, I have been motivated by the emergence of large datasets in various areas of science,technology, business, and everyday life in the past decades. This has made me to focus on onmachine learning and data mining which aim to improve the understanding of patterns in the data and processes that are used to generate them, and then utilize them in solving nontrivial and challenging problems such as diagnosis, prediction of outcomes, or event detection. My research work cut across both the development of new applied machine learning algorithms, and their interdisciplinary applications to biomedical and engineering fields. Examples of these include: (1) the development of machine learning methods for analysis of early-detection and diagnosis of disease, and their application to analysis of case/control datasets related to: pancreatic cancer, lungcancer, melanoma cancer, lung disease, kidney transplant; and (2) the developmentof a novel latent variable framework to identify key regulatory signals in high-dimensional gene expression data as well as early detection of diabetes

On Cybersecurity, my research interests span across a variety of areas within information security. I am generally inclined towards more technical and hands on projects. Some areas I’m especially interested in are:

  • IoT security: The widespread adoption of IoT devices introduces new attack vectors to organisations and individuals that can abused by malicious parties. I am interested in the implications of using the less secure Bluetooth pairing options for some devices such as headphones and fitness trackers. I am also interested in new biometrics signals arising from new IoT and wearable devices such as the electrocardiogram (ECG) or the photoplethysmogram (PPG).
  • Smartphone (Android/IOs) Security: I am interested in the development of fast methods and native code analysis tools for malware detection. I am also interested in the detection and analysis of smartphone inter-app communication channels, including the usage of covert channels by applications to exchange sensitive information.
  • Other security related topics of interest: malvertising detection, steganography, steganalsys and covert channels.

On On E-Government and M-Government, My research interest spans across making high-quality contributions in theoretical, empirical, experimental, and application-oriented research on blockchain and Digital Government. Some areas I’m particularly interested in are:
  • Blockchain technologies as support infrastructure in Digital Government services.
  • New classification of blockchain technologies in Digital Government.
  • Using Blockchain and the Internet of Things fopr government service deliveries.
  • Application of Blockchian in the implementations of Smart Cities to enhance government service deliveries

Interested in any of these and would like to collaborate?
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